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Results for America: Invest In What Works

Results for America, an initiative of America Achieves, will improve outcomes for young people and their families by helping ensure taxpayer dollars are invested strategically with a rigorous focus on data, evidence and better results, and discouraging continued support of programs that consistently fail to achieve measurable outcomes.

New Directions

Over the last several years, government at all levels has taken critical steps to change the way taxpayer dollars are invested to ensure limited resources are driven toward high-impact solutions that get results. To significantly improve outcomes for young people and their families in the context of constrained resources and mounting demands, federal government should identify and invest in "what works," and be a catalyst for, and funder of, effective and innovative solutions that produce greater social impact.

This approach has a strong history of bipartisan support. President George W. Bush's Administration put a priority on improving the performance of federal programs and encouraged more rigorous evaluations to assess their effectiveness. The Obama Administration has built on this effort by supporting an increasing number of evidence and evaluation-based policies and programs. Mayors and governors from both parties across the country are also increasingly using data and evidence to steer public dollars to more effectively address needs in their communities and states.

Results for America's Agenda

America Achieves/Results for America will help drive public resources toward innovative solutions that are evidence-based, performance-driven and competitively selected and away from programs that consistently fail to achieve results.

Specifically, Results for America will:

  • Develop new policy ideas to underscore government's role as an investor in and catalyst for data-driven, evidence-based solutions to improve outcomes for young people and their families;
  • Encourage federal, state and local governments to adopt tools to drive public resources toward what works; and
  • Develop a bipartisan constituency and active champions for this approach among government leaders, and communicate powerful success stories across all levels of government.

Founding and current funders for this work include the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, the George Kaiser Family Foundation, and Open Society Foundations.


Policy Recommendations


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