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Fellowships for Outstanding Leaders

America Achieves believes that building leadership capacity at every level of the education system (classroom, school, community, district, state, national) is a cornerstone to bringing student success to scale. Our educational system needs an effective, organized strategy for cultivating strong and well-networked leadership at scale.

To that end, we offer fellowships and networks that tap and build on the creativity and expertise of some of America's most successful and promising educators. America Achieves is offering four distinctive leadership programs aimed at providing leaders with a platform for sharing best practices, developing resources and tools, designing systems for scaling effective school leadership, and giving voice to outstanding leaders in the national debate on education and policy. The leaders in these programs are in turn contributing to America Achieves' strategy by helping to identify the most promising models in education and what is needed to help scale these models.

Founding and current funders for this work include Bloomberg Philanthropies, along with the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Noyce Foundation.

Teacher and Principal Program

This program brings together 100 of the country’s most effective teachers and principals to share ideas, learn from thought leaders, develop skills, and advise policymakers on local, state and national education policies. The group is currently focusing on issues such as implementation of Common Core standards and assessments, and how national policy influences classroom practice. This fellowship is designed to leverage the expertise of participants in helping other educators improve student outcomes and in strengthening leadership and management at large scale across the education system.

Superintendent Programs

Superintendent Program

This program is aimed at supporting outstanding local superintendents. America Achieves is currently supporting select superintendents in the implementation of grants received from the federal Race to the Top program.

State Superintendent Program

The State Superintendent Program brings together a group of outstanding state superintendents to share knowledge, learn from one another and from other leaders, develop opportunities for collaboration, and identify needed tools and supports to enhance their practice and outcomes.

Rising Leaders Policy Program

Based on evidence from many case studies, America Achieves believes that practitioners in underserved communities must be effective in both policy and practice to successfully advocate for and build strong school systems. To support the development of skills in both these disciplines, America Achieves is offering a seven-week summer program during which participants work with policymakers to learn how to research and devise policy, and community-based leaders to learn how to manage an education reform-related project.

During the summer of 2012, the Rising Leaders Policy Fellows researched and developed policy projects on a number of topics. The documents below represent the culmination of their summer research:

Re-creating Teacher-Principal Licensure
Recovery School District Analysis
Colorado Principal Cultivation Fund
School Finance Proposal
North Denver Connectivity Proposal
Streamlining the Human Resources Intake Process
Autonomous Vehicle Project
Drug Sentencing Evolution: Parole Violators' Prosecution and Drug-Court Substitution